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Buying or Selling Can Be Simpler Than You Think!


Timeliness is a virtue in Real Estate. It can save or kill a deal.
I'm as close as your cell phone, text, or email making sure you don't lose the home that should be yours when you buy, or lose the buyers willing to pay top dollar when you sell.


Quality is in the competence of my performance gained from my years in the business that makes buying or selling your home simple and easy for you.


Disclosures, Home Inspections, new lending rules, tax impact, lengthy legal contracts-all complex enough to overwhelm the hardiest!
This is the heart of the process where being better than the average agent really matters.

Finding Your Perfect Interior, Exterior, and Location

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James LaMattery

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Bob Celli

Bob Celli

Business Owner

"A complete professional with countless years of experience, Jim is more knowledgeable than anyone I know in the business, and I know many people in the real estate industry. This is why I asked Jim to represent my property--a home I cherish and love, a home I watched being built from the foundation up, and one that I leave with a heavy heart. But life goes on and I'm looking forward to what is next for me. Jim gets that. He understands. And his marketing prowess, his intrinsic appreciation for real estate, and his dedication to providing his clients with only the finest service are truly unparalleled. -- With genuine sincerity, Bob Celli"

Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham


"Jim is the most knowledgeable Realtor that I know and I know many! He had a complete understanding of the higher priced market and its fluctuations. I would recommend his service for any potential buyer! Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with how smooth the whole process was! Dude, your stuff is great! I will refer everyone I know."

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