protect San Diego's single-family neighborhoods


Coming housing legislation will change San Diego single-family zoning to favor corporate landlord multi-family developers.
But is it the solution to the housing crisis?

Coastal Height Limits

Corporate Developers & Wall Street Finaciers want to build Miami Beach luxury style towers along California’s coastline. They backed SB 330 to do it.

Overbuild- Overload

Along with density limits, inland building height limits have traditionally been the only regulations preventing over-building local communities without sufficient infrastructure. Density and height limits will be outlawed if SB 50 is made law.

Increased Local Taxes

Developers and the State of California don’t pay for the added infrastructure allocations necessary to sustain increased density. That could leave local residents holding the bag.

Massive Up-Zoning

Intense density is allowed around transit, but SB 50 would increase the allowance in single-family neighborhoods located in “Jobs Rich” areas.

Workforce Housing & Neighborhood Protection Act

James LaMattery Realtor, Founder Protect San Diego
We can't build our way out

We're in an affordability crisis that supply-side housing policy can't solve. Adding more luxury units only adds fuel to the fire. Recent housing legislation is aimed at disrupting our single-family neighborhoods with multi-unit rentals.

Some states and cities have outlawed single- family zoning altogether. Across San Diego. transit priority areas (TPAs) are being up-zoned to allow dense luxury apartment construction which gentrifies our neighborhoods and busts our height and density limits without providing affordable housing. New state legislation, such as SB 50 would allow this same type of apartment construction in our single-family neighborhoods.

Having an extensive background in the real estate market, I know that we cannot “build our way out” of the affordability problem facing San Diego and the state of California.

I’m working with current and former legislators, affordable housing advocates and other community leaders seeking real solutions to our affordability crisis. I hold public meetings, support local community planning groups, organize legislative response groups, and create electronic petitions to enable the public to voice their opposition or support of local and statewide housing legislation. Read more

Candidates Protecting
SFR Zoning in San Diego

Electing the right leaders is the first step!

Barbara Bry

Candidate for Mayor 2020

They’re coming for our homes! I’ll stand up for San Diego residents against the corporate speculators seeking to take advantage of our city and our neighborhoods.
I was very disappointed by my opponent’s ( Todd Gloria)vote to approve SB 330 last week. SB 330 would void local restrictions on density, land use, zoning, and design standards and give Sacramento politicians control of local land use decisions!

Cory Briggs

Candidate for City Attorney 2020

City Attorney Mara Elliott’s inaction on Short-Term Vacation Rentals has made our housing crisis worse by converting our limited housing stock into high-priced tourist accommodations. As your next City Attorney, I’ll prosecute the corporations making millions while abusing the system and profiting from the harm they inflict on our neighborhoods
The city attorney must defend against efforts by state and federal politicians to take land-use and housing decisions away from the mayor, city council, and community planning groups who represent the will of the people.

Lawmakers Outlawing SFR Zoning

From the CASA Compact to the "Housing Crisis Act of 2019," we are baraged with new housing legislation.