Department states unequivocally that they cannot allow four lanes on Morena Blvd for engineering/ safety issues.  Forcing us to work with a three-lane Blvd means that we must review the city's design elements to make sure it fits the public's vision.

Requests for mobility and design elements, such as "roundabouts," like the ones along La Jolla Blvd, have been rejected.

See redesign/reconfiguration choices for Morena Blvd

What's left for the community to work for along Morena Bvld?

Over the next weeks, I will publish a Key Design Elements Survey  which will identify what designs residents deem critical to insist City Planners include in the final Morena Specific Plan.

The good news, after a series of postponements to the scheduled Public 45 -day Review Period, we will have enough time to coordinate public interest in remaining key design elements.

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