James LaMattery warns City Council that they are out of compliance with RCP goals.

Spokesperson, Raise The Balloon

For the past five years, James (Jim) LaMattery has worked with homeowners and residents to make sure that their voice is heard in the planning process of the Morena Corridor Specific Plan.  Mr. LaMattery has been a mortgage broker and real estate broker for 35 years in San Diego, California.

After years of extensive work in drafting the Plan with city planners, builder-developers, and the San Diego City Council to develop a community-backed Plan for new housing, all efforts were thwarted when the mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, stated in his 2019 "State of the City " speech, that he was in favor of removing all height limits in San Diego County, excluding the coastal limit protected by Proposition D.

The SD City Council amended its parking ordinance, in March of 2019, which  removed parking space requirements in Transit Priority Areas.  This allows developers to build dense units without providing garages or parking spaces for their tenants.

With the introduction of sb50 in December 2018,  and sb330 introduced in February 2019,  its clear state officials no longer want communities to weigh-in on new housing built in their neighborhoods, and prefer state control over local control, declaring it to be the roadblock to new housing in California, along with existing local maximum density, square footage, and height limits regulations.

"The Housing Crisis Act of 2019," (sb 330) is part of the chain of legislation that will suspend the coastal height limit, protected by the voter initiative, Proposition D, until 2030 to allow Transit Oriented Development determined by SANDAG's Transit Priority Area Map.  The California Coastal Commission Act has no height limit or prescriptive density levels, and therefore is not protection against the mandate of sb330.

In January, 2019, Mr. LaMattery, shifted the bulk of his real estate business to family members in order to work full-time in organizing the opposition efforts of residents of San Diego County opposing the proposed legislation.

Mr. LaMattery is part of a working group of state-wide community activists whose purpose is to draft a California ballot initiative to block the removal of local control over planning decisions, protect the coastal and inland height limits.  The initiative will be introduced to the public by June of 2019.



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Julie Ross · April 24, 2019 at 6:09 pm


We’re with you. Wiener tweeted this morning that the coast is fair game.

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