-Mobile Technology & Labor-Intensive Functions

Mobile technology has replaced almost every labor-intensive function of Big-Brand in the real estate industry except qualified licensed sales people.

No matter how much technology lessons the load or facilitates the process, there are some things that Big-Data will never be able to do.

In the Luxury Home Market, qualified salespeople earn more than traditional commission splits because market time for high-end properties increase over a traditional sale. Qualified salespersons can be more beneficial to the seller than price reductions.

Locating the right buyer is the selling agent's job.

Positioning the home for market is the listing agent's job.

But for those areas where smart phones have replaced the need for physical necessities such as office buildings, brick and mortar file retention and storage, desks and landlines, those savings should be passed to the seller as long as sellers are required to pay both the listing agent and selling agent's commissions.

Are you willing to pay for unnecessary packaging with Big-Brand companies?

Mobile technology is replacing almost every function of Big-Brand in the real estate industry just as it has in almost every other professional services sector. The savings should be passed to the seller!

Empty office workstations

In the days before cell-phone mobility, Big Brands with their bricks and mortar buildings were necessary just to house the required storage requirements.  The Department of Real Estate requires all transactional paperwork to be retained anywhere from 3 to 5 years.  Large filing cabinets of the past have been replaced by digital storage. Shouldn't some of the savings from the cost reduction of storage be passed on to the seller?