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Great work, all! We stopped state Sen. Wiener’s bizarre effort to hand developers tremendous power over city officials and local communities! Wiener’s awful “gut and amend” bill, SB 592, got killed last night!

Let’s celebrate by STOPPING SB 330, written by Wiener’s acolyte, Nancy Skinner. SB 330 silences community review of luxury housing projects and encourages developers to sue taxpayers for $50,000 per denied unit — if their plan gets rejected by a city.

SB 330 is so off-point it passed the legislature by just one vote this week. It is hated by Dems & Republicans alike.

OUR ASK OF YOU IS: Urge Gov. Newsom to veto SB 330!

Choose from 2 messages below or write your own! Email Newsom NOW and call him Monday!

Message 1)

Dear Gov. Newsom, SB 330 by Nancy Skinner silences the most vulnerable and sensitive communities in thousands of communities, from South Los Angeles to the Mission District, by banning all but five public hearings on controversial projects.


Sen. Skinner is poorly informed, blaming the housing shortage on slowdowns that she thinks are being caused by the Los Angeles City Neighborhood Council review system and other neighborhood boards from San Diego to Santa Ana to Long Beach to the Bay Area.


Skinner, caught up in Wiener’s goal of stripping local determination from cities and communities, has ignored the breadth of reality in California. She does not realize that neighborhood councils and boards are the TOP NEGOTIATORS FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING in working-class, sensitive, and middle-class communities across our state.


Please veto SB 330, a law that will jam up the state courts with developer v. city lawsuits, slow down — not speed up — approval of housing, and silence crucial local-knowledge input.

Message 2)

Dear Gov. Newsom, I urge you to veto SB 330 by Nancy Skinner, which barely made it off the floor and was opposed by Democrats and Republicans alike because it creates far more problems that solutions.


Berkeley Law has proved, in its deep recent study here, that California cities are on a hot streak, approving housing in a very fast two years. Sen. Skinner ignored Berkeley Law, bringing ill-informed allies to a key Senate Committee, to testify that housing approval is taking 4 to 10 years. That testimony was untrue. Bad data is precedent for bad law.


As Embarcadero Institute has clearly shown, California cities are roaring past their “RHNA” requirementsfor housing approvals. Berkeley Law is right. Embarcadero Institute is right. Sen. Skinner is wrong.


SB 330 requires zero affordable units, kills public hearings in sensitive communities and piles up the lawsuits between cities and developers. It does NOTHING to hurry housing along. It likely does the opposite. Please veto SB 330.

Both bills seek state control over local housing decisions.  In San Diego County, we have community planning groups, that are the only recognized voice of the public (residents that have to live with the decisions), that work with the Planning Departments in drafting, processing, and implementation of our community plans.

Community Planning Groups provide important input when re-zoning occurs. These resident groups make sure that the adverse effects of new development and lack of infrastructure are addressed and resolved by the city.  Without them, no one would hold public officials accountable in decisions made over community plans.

The two bills allow a developer to override local planning group input, recommendations and existing zoning in cases where a General Plan calls for more housing density than the community plan.  The bills also limit, restrict and in some cases, remove community planning group review of certain residential housing projects.

Both bills are supported by big development wall street special interest groups that are currently funneling money into campaigns to change the way California builds housing.  Most notably, these efforts include the attempt to abolish single-family zoning altogether in order to allow multi-family apartments to be built in them, such as SB50.

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