Published 3/22/2019

by: James  LaMattery


With the news that Sacramento lawmakers are mulling over suspending our Coastal Commission Act and Proposition D protected height limit to build housing, we have been contacted by people all over the county of San Diego who are mad as hell!

To protest any bad policy moves by local lawmakers who are thinking about suspending or removing Coastal Act & Prop D height limits, and who voted for removing parking space requirements, we're organizing Balloon March II, similar to our organized protest in 2014 where we used a 10ft diameter helium filled balloon flown at 60 ft,  marched it down Morena Blvd  with 450 neighbors (see video above)in protest over the city's removal of our 3oft height limit in Bay Park.

This time we will be marching it down Balboa Ave from 805 South to the ocean!

Please visit our website frequently for final details on the date and time, which we should be able to publish within days.


To retain the quality of our neighborhoods, we want an honest, viable, connected and properly planned transit system from SANDAG before disastrous removals of parking regulations and height limits, and mandatory density quotas are forced upon us by overreaching state mandates and an irresponsible Mayor and City Council* unconcerned about what impact their bad policy choices are having in our communities.

*Only Councilmember Dr. Jennifer Campbell, District 2, has consistently voted in favor of the community' desires.  She voted to reject the current Morena Corridor Specific Plan and was the lone vote against the removal of parking requirements in TPAs.

Strategy/ Next Steps

April 9th- Full City Council Meeting on the Morena Specific Plan.  

We are organizing a neighborhood-wide carpool to enable as many residents as possible to attend the April 9th meeting.

Parking Ordinance Repeal Petition -Please sign and forward the petition to friends and families to let the City Council know that you are opposed to this new ordinance and want it repealed immediately.

Parking Ordinance O-2019-101, the Housing SD: Proposed Parking Requirement Regulatory Reform for Multifamily Residential Development in Transit Priority Areas was approved on 3/19/2019.

The San Diego City Council voted 2 to 7 in favor of the ordinance on 3/19/2019. 

We are now gathering signatures to repeal the ordinance.

We've identified the District Councilmembers below who voted against San Diegans. 

The passage of the ordinance is a windfall for developers and destructive policy to those residents that will have to live with the spillover of vehicles that will be parking in their neighborhoods by residents of new projects that are built in Transit Priority Areas (TPAS)because those projects are no longer required to provide parking spaces for their tenants. 

Voting with us to stop the new removal of parking space regulations were:

Councilmember Dr. Jennifer Campbell, District 2

Councilmember Barbara Bry, District 1

Councilmembers that voted for removal of parking space requirements for new TPA projects are:

Councilmember Scott Sherman, District 7

Councilmember Chris Cate, District 6

Councilmember Chris Ward, District 3

Councilmember Monica Montgomery. District 4

Councilmember Mark Kersey, District 5

Councilmember Vivian Moreno, District 8

Council President Georgette Gomez, District 9

The adopted Ordinance reduced the requirements from parking of multifamily residential development within Transit Priority Areas (TPAs) to a minimum of zero parking spaces. 

Other Law Suits & Ballot Initiatives

We will be sorting out the lawsuits and ballot initiatives which will need community-wide support to halt the bad practices by the city.  We are currently creating electronic petitions and confirming procedures to donate to the lawsuits and will send out email alerts with specific information within the next few days.


Since 1971, the Clairemont 30Ft Height Limit has protected our communities from inappropriate and unsustainable height limits and density, just as other beach neighborhoods are protected by the California Coastal Commission Act and Proposition D.  The demand for more housing in California has pressurized the battle between those who want to mandate unrestricted growth and those who seek better solutions to smart and sustainable growth.


Released Morena Plan

Raise The Balloon (RTB) was founded in 2014 in response to the City of San Diego's rush to densify our neighborhoods and bust our maximum building height limits.  An organic local movement, grown from grassroots volunteer efforts, RTB has evolved into a county-wide push to engage community participation in the planning process of the San Diego General Plan and the County's Regional Comprehensive Plan.