PayPal is now set up to accept any amount. All donations are processed through J.L.Moneyline, Inc. and deposited into the Raise The Balloon Fund.  You can also set up recurring amounts.  You do not have to set up or have a PayPal account, as it processes payments via your credit cards.


PayPal can accept any amount.

If you'd rather write a check, please make it payable to:

J.L.Moneyline, Inc.

4235 Porte De Merano  Unit 107

San Diego, CA 92122

Please write "Raise The Balloon Fund" in the memo of your check for our reference. Thanks!



Funds are NOT tax deductible as we are not a 501 C Non-Profit.

Funds will be used for:


  • Parking Ordinance REPEAL Petition
  • Balloon March II
  • Online Services, Website Development
  • Public meetings for presentation of sb330 impact on neighborhoods
  • Petitions - Development , Distribution, Maintenance for opposition to sb330
  • Sacramento Representation- James LaMattery representing San Diegans opposed to sb50 & sb330 in Sacramento during the full Senate vote hearing that will be scheduled for late May or early June, 2019.


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