Raise The Balloon is a grassroots organizing platform.

The initial efforts of RTB in 2014 was to help residents in Bay Park, Bay Ho, Overlook Heights and Clairemont engage in the planning process of the Morena Corridor Specific Plan.

We encouraged the community to attend community planning group meetings, educated them to the planning process, and facilitated the necessary synergy with the San Diego Planning Department in creation of a future community plan that would look forward to the year 2050.

By 2018, the planning department of the City of San Diego made it clear it would not listen to, respect, or act on community concerns about the more fundamental aspects of the Plan. Through a series of promises made and then broken by the planners, it was evident that the city had it own agenda, one that excluded public input.  Specific public safety issues, needed infrastructure, and additional public services that the community was concerned about were rejected by the City.

By 2019, RTB escalated its platform to make all of San Diego County residents aware of the city and county’s agenda to conform to the State of California’s objectives to remove the region’s protective height limits, ban minimum parking space requirements and increase density bonuses for developers.

Currently, RTB is working on a statewide ballot initiative and is running electronic petitions to repeal the new parking space ordinance, oppose sb50 and sb330.