What We Want

California is in an affordable housing crisis. Debate about what has caused, and what will fix the crisis rages as the price of homes skyrocket.  Whatever the fix, it needs to come fast.

Current state legislators have introduced new legislation, sb50 and sb330, that claims the fix is in the problem: too many single family homes and not enough multi-family homes.  Established, older built-out communities of single-family homes will be up-zoned into scores multi-family rental units, first in TPAs and then in "Jobs Rich" areas of San Diego County.

But before that "fix" is applied, San Diego needs a viable, connected and properly planned transit system from SANDAG before disastrous removals of parking regulations and height limits, or implementation of mandatory density quotas forced upon us that the current legislation proposes.

SANDAG needs a new vision and a way to finance it, read the new Director, Hasan Ikhrata's  assessment...

RTB is a grassroots public participation platform employed to raise public awareness and empower all San Diegans to engage in the planning decisions of our county.


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