Real estate "Teams" are a favorite of successful Big-Brand agents.  Much of Big-Brand commission structures go toward salaries of  "team assistants."  Assistants are instrumental during the heaviest season of the year, but when real estate teams add salespeople, it is inevitable that sellers will bear that cost.

Big-Brand 6% commissions go towards the salaries of assistants, transaction coordinators, Open House hostesses,  and messengers.  But the most costly "assistant" is the licensed agent who works under the successful top agent

The Broker Direct © business model cuts the duplicity of sales people.  Sellers are growing tired of being delegated to sub-agents, just as patients are growing weary of being delegated to physician assistants or nurses when they call their doctor!

This is not a disparagement of successful and smart Big-Brand agents.  Those who do a lot of business need the help of assistants, including brokers who use the Broker Direct© model. But the duplicity of sales people is frustrating when sellers have to pay for the practice in the form of higher sales commissions.

Broker Direct© targets lowering sales commissions for sellers.  A Broker Direct doesn't employ licensed salespersons to perform the tasks that only they should fulfill: selling your home!