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sb330 Status and Electronic Petition to OPPOSE :

Map of Affected Cities Under sb330

The bill will be voted on in the Appropriations Committee of the California State Assembly on August 21st.  Please sign and forward the petition to friends, family and contacts before 8/21/2019.




SB-330 Housing Crisis Act of 2019



Great Article on why sb330 is sb50's evil twin    PDF Version

We opposed this bill because it will supercede local control of housing issues.

Please sign the petition and forward it to friends and neighbors.

Please read the entire text of sb330.  It overrides local control of planning decisions made by the Community Planning Groups, City, and County of San Diego.  This means that the only existing recognized voice of the public (Community Planning Groups) would lose control over where, how much, and when new housing is built in our communities.

The maps below show the Designated TPAs where sb330 applies.

Use this tool to see if your neighborhood will be wiped-out by sb50 that is now state law.

Designated TPAs in San Diego County
Designated TPAs in Clairemont
Designated TPAs in La Jolla
Areas in Blue to be Suspended
Below is the text of the bill that is pertinent to loss of voter control:
This bill, until January 1, 2025, with respect to land where housing is an allowable use, except as specified, would prohibit a county or city, including the electorate exercising its local initiative or referendum power, in which specified conditions exist, from enacting a development policy, standard, or condition, as defined, that would have the effect of
(A) changing the land use designation or zoning of a parcel or parcels of property to a less intensive use or reducing the intensity of land use within an existing zoning district below what was allowed under the general plan or specific plan land use designation and zoning ordinances of the county or city as in effect on January 1, 2018;
(B) imposing or enforcing a moratorium on housing development within all or a portion of the jurisdiction of the county or city, except as provided;
(C) imposing or enforcing new design standards established on or after January 1, 2018, that are not objective design standards, as defined; or
(D) establishing or implementing certain limits on the number of permits issued by, or the population of, the county or city. The bill would, notwithstanding these prohibitions, allow a city or county to prohibit the commercial use of land zoned for residential use consistent with the authority of the city or county conferred by other law.
The bill would state that these prohibitions would apply to any zoning ordinance adopted or amended on or after January 1, 2018, and that any zoning ordinance adopted, or amendment to an existing ordinance or to an adopted general plan or specific plan, on or after that date that does not comply would be deemed void.
The bill would state that these prohibitions would prevail over any conflicting provision of the Planning and Zoning Law or other law regulating housing development in this state, except as specifically provided. The bill would also require that any exception to these provisions, including an exception for the health and safety of occupants of a housing development project, be construed narrowly. The bill would also declare any requirement to obtain local voter approval for specified purposes related to housing development against public policy and void.


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