National Advertising

Big-Brand Real Estate companies do a great job using national advertising to convince sellers that they need to pay Big-Brand commissions in order to get full service from their Realtor.  With national TV advertising and sparkling brochures,  Big-Brand real estate companies provide name recognition that is nationally based.  But the cost of that recognition is borne by the seller...

Watch any of their commercials on television and you'll see who it really benefits.  Your particular home is not the purpose.


The cost of that brand recognition is borne by the seller through high commission structures, even though national advertising may not be needed to sell your home.

It most cases, national advertising is sold to sellers as a value-added service by Big Brand agents, without a seller's true understanding of the cost.

It can be argued that the cost of national name recognition is a necessary part of selling luxury homes. This misconception is busted by the fact is most real estate sales are locally driven.

In a survey of the top listing agents at Berkshire Hathaway in La Jolla, 89% of the 2017 sales of homes over $4 million were bought by residents of La Jolla.  75% of homes under $4 million were purchased by other local residents throughout the county.


FACEBOOK  advertising has almost replaced all other forms of advertisement because it can be targeted and fined tuned to potential buyers of your home.  By changing the business model, I work like FACEBOOK advertising; foregoing expensive and irrelevant national advertising and passing the savings onto the seller through lower sales commissions.